This song is a Concert favorite as well as Ish's all time number one high octane Bluegrass
sing-along song about discovering that special person that completes you. 

Time 4:07

This song will appeal to Children and Adults alike. It is a song about following your dreams and a little boy who wanted to fly.  

I really love this song. For it reminds me if you mix passion with commitment and goodwill, anything is possible. 

Time:  2:53

This is a fun filled, high octane, toe tapping Old Timey Bluegrass sing-along tune that focuses on some silly things we can never be when we grow up.  Yet, it ends  with a delightful thought about living in harmony.                                                  

Time: 4:07

This super charged song is a Rocking mix of Bluegrass and Blues and is fun to play and sing.  And, even though the nature of the song relates to Ish discovering that his home had been burglarized and that his favorite guitar was stolen, he has risen above, found a way to release the anger, and to pay homage to his old guitar and have some fun.     

Time  3:33

This animated, up–tempo Bluegrass song will have everyone singing and laughing along. It’s a Concert favorite about the joys of daydreaming and your favorite bath tub toys. And, one of my favorite songs I have ever written and love to play. 

Time: 3:09